Welcome to the jQuery-CSV + Flot Demonstration

On the adjacent tabs, you will find demonstrations whereby you can load your own data into a fully functional Flot chart.

You'll need the HTML5 File Api to use the file loader but no worries, if your browser is lagging behind in HTML5 adoption ::cough::IE::cough:: you can still try out the demos by pasting data into the text area in the first example.

If you don't have a dataset of your own feel free to try one of these:

The main project page can be found on Google Code

If you want the complete documentation. Goto: API Wiki

If you would like to provide feedback, you may do so on the Feedback Wiki.

If you find a bug, report a 'Defect' in the Issues section of the project site.

If you have a suggestion for a new feature, create a 'Feature Request' in the Issues section of the project site.


To use this demo, simply paste your dataset into the text area and hit the 'Run' button.

To use this demo, just choose a CSV file through the file dialog. Really, it's that easy.

Note: This demo is capable of processing and loading multiple data files. Just select more than one file in the dialog.

I suggest you try loading the analytics1.csv and analytics2.csv data sets together.